Sunday, January 13, 2013

Experienced US Equities Trader That Wants to Automate

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We are looking for US Equities Traders and is seeking individuals with a strong entrepreneurial spirit, exceptional work ethic and strong analytical skills to trade stocks for the firm.

We provide unique opportunities to talented, energetic people, rooted in the philosophy that everyone can do more than they realize, if they try. KTG empowers independent thinkers who have the discipline to set long-term goals, the adaptability to “shift gears” but still stay on course, and are open to being both a student and teacher in a learning organization.

What are you capable of?

Ideal candidates have the ability to make sound decisions quickly and confidently and can demonstrate skills as a disciplined, calm competitor with a solid track record of results. A high comfort level with technology and computer usage is necessary to use leading edge technologies and real-time executions of trades. Prior trading experience is necessary.

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