Saturday, November 24, 2012

Trader Trainee

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Although knowledge of the options industry is an obvious asset, we are seeking recent college graduates from a wide range of backgrounds, specifically in the areas of mathematics, economics, physics, engineering or computer science. Candidates should be comfortable working in a trading environment, and possess excellent communication, analytical, computer, problem-solving, and time management skills. Successful candidates will learn the intricacies of options trading and the skills needed to make a successful career in market making.

Equity Derivatives Trainee
Our training program teaches trainees the essentials of stock options trading and the skills that make for a successful career on the trading floor. Trainees will receive a guaranteed salary during their time in the program, with the expectation that 'graduates' will go on to become Junior Traders then onto highly compensated company traders.

• Keen awareness of critical situations, ability to shift from fast market to slow market conditions quickly and efficiently.
• Anticipate the needs of traders throughout the day, quick comprehension and delivery of tasks.
• Balance/resolve position discrepancies before opening bell; notify trading staff of unexpected position changes intra-day.
• Ability to filter information to trading staff by necessity; reporting pertinent information to management in a timely fashion.
• Trainees are required to articulately voice needs of the trading staff to IT, vendors, clearing firm, brokers/other market makers, and the exchange if necessary. • Trainees are required to be well versed with all methods of communication provided by the company these may include but are not limited to IM, telephone, and email.
• Participation in and successful completion of the training program within the specified time frame for each phase.
• Trainees are required to have excellent computer skills including some programming skills. They should become fluent with both the usage and rules of all applications that provide market research, theoretical/analytical data, order entry applications, and stock/option execution.
• Retention of knowledge and ability to apply past experience to current situations is critical.

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