Sunday, September 9, 2012

Trader/Portfolio Manager

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Job Description

A proprietary trading firm with locations in midtown NYC, Garden City, Long Island, Rye, New York, and West Palm Beach is seeking traders and portfolio managers. We will entertain all equity and option strategies and offer multiple economic structures. We are primarily looking for experienced Wall Street professionals looking to maximize their potential. Whether your experience is on the buy side or sell side, our specialty is in assisting with the transition of entrepreneurs that want to trade and possess quality backgrounds.

Trading is risky and all traders should be able to sustain losses and/or lose their capital contributions, if any. Trading options is not suitable for all investors/traders. Options are extrememly risky and capital can be lost. Initial capital contributions, if any, will affect rates, payout and terms of the operating agreement.

All traders must have their series 7.

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