Sunday, September 9, 2012

Stock/Options Trader: Trade Firm Capital

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On the heels of another successful trading year and the release of the firm's new book, titled Maverick Trading, the firm is looking to add new stock/options traders in the Greater MinneapolisArea. Traders will trade with firm capital and keep up to 80% of all earnings. No trading experience is necessary as all new applicants will undergo the firm's acclaimed training program. Maverick is searching for motivated people with backgrounds in math, finance, and economics that we can train to help manage and control the risks of the financial marketplace. We are seeking dedicated traders that want to trade professionally rather than on the disadvantaged retail level.

For more information and to apply for a trading position within the firm, go to:

To get more information about the trading position, the firm, and the recruiting process, follow the link above to start the application process. The firm's online application process will take you through a series of short videos and information pages. This process will answer most questions about the firm and end with our online application form. After the recruiting process is complete, you will be contacted by a recruiter for a suitability interview.

Only candidates who complete the firm's online application process will be considered for a trading position. To apply for a trading position within the firm, go to:

About the Firm

Maverick Trading's proprietary methodology concentrates on swing and position trading of equities and options. This is not day trading. Both new and experienced traders are welcome to apply and the firm will support both full time and part time traders.

The firm's methods and risk controls have outperformed the broad markets by over 250 percentage points since 2008.

Maverick's Capital Sharing Program systematically increases the amount of firm capital traders have access to based on consistency of performance. Prior trading experience is helpful but not necessary. A college degree is recommended but not necessary.

Maverick offers its traders a revolutionary and unparalleled compensation structure with the firm's traders keeping up to 80% of profits. The firm's most successful and experienced traders can make up to $20,000 per month. Maverick's philosophy is that our traders are the firm's greatest asset and we have aligned our business structure so that the firm is successful only when its traders are profitable.

Our goal is for our traders to be consistently profitable. To that end, Maverick enjoys a retention rate of 97%.

The firm's traders come from a variety of industries, including stockbrokers, financial planners, analysts, hedge funds, private equity, venture capital, real estate, mortgage brokers, other proprietary trading firms, and entrepreneurs. Educational backgrounds include finance, banking, economics, management, law, medicine, project management, and liberal arts.

To apply, go to:


College degree is helpful, but not required.

Interested traders must be serious about devoting the time and effort necessary to becoming the best traders possible.

Maverick is happy to support both full-time and part-time traders who have a goal of transitioning to full-time at a later date.

Prior trading experience is helpful, but not completely necessary as Maverick offers a comprehensive training program to all member-traders.

All traders are required to complete a series of objective tests focused on Maverick's proprietary trading methodology and are also required to show mastery of concepts via a demo account record.

Serious applicants only, please.

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