Sunday, September 9, 2012

Propertiary Equity Trader

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T3 Trading Group, a CBSX broker-dealer, is now expanding its Boca Raton office. T3 Trading Group provides motivated and dedicated individuals the opportunity to trade the NYSE and NASDAQ markets on an advanced platform in a professional environment with competitive rates.
If you are considering trading as a career please call or send resume to schedule an appointment to tour our offices and meet our trading teams.
Our Branch offices provide: 
• A powerful trading platform 
• Leveraged buying power, subject to trading history and risk management 
• Competitive clearing rates 
• Comprehensive risk management tools 
• Technical and administrative support staff on site 
• Dedicated, capable data lines (DS3) with system redundancies 
• Synergistic trading floor environment 
• High potential payouts on trading profits 

Trading assistance may include: 
• 1on 1 Private Mentoring for novice and experienced traders 
• Simulation mode  to build and track trading strategy exercises 
• Risk management analysis, trade review, and progress evaluation , coaching, trade performance

If you’re an experienced trader and want to operate from a home-office environment, we also may be able to offer remote trading through dedicated SSL lines that deliver high-quality speed and execution. Technical and administrative support are also available. 
For new traders a college degree is preferred, but not required. Market and trading experience is beneficial. If you're already trading or are a new candidate who is disciplined, motivated, and ambitious, check out this opportunity to become a proprietary stock trader. 
Capital contribution required to join our group.
Please note that the risk of loss in trading can include possible loss of capital. System access and trade executions may be delayed or fail due to market volatility, system failure, high volume or other factors.
For more information, forward your resume to resumes(AT)

T3 Trading Group 
Member CBSX and SEC
7284 West Palmetto Park Road
Suite 110
Boca Raton, FL 33433 

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