Sunday, September 9, 2012

Portfolio Manager II

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Manage the assets of an assigned group of client investment portfolios. The nature of the clients may include personal trusts, agencies, estates, employee benefit plans, endowments and foundations, and individually managed accounts (IMAs). The portfolio manager works with the Resource Managers, Administrators, and current and prospective clients. Assists clients in determining an appropriate asset mix and manages the clients assets to achieve the clients goals. The portfolio manager will also assist in the closing of new asset management business as well as in its retention, for example, in the delivery of ongoing performance information.

- Implementing the investment strategy policy of the department and clients with respect to assigned individual accounts or funds. For the latter, this means raising or lowering the equity or fixed income holdings to meet the desired level of exposure.
- Constructing and rebalancing portfolios according to client objectives and written policies established by the Bank or COAM. Initiating purchases of stocks or bonds based on client needs and the banks investment strategy. This may include placing the trades with the brokers from time to time in the absence of the investment trader or entering them electronically into portfolio accounting system.
- Working closely with the Chief Investment Officer to maintain regular contact with selected representatives of research providers. The flow of information will include their latest research news, trading information and response to our request for specific information.
- Reading and interpreting the pertinent daily flow of written and verbal material distributed by research providers and government agencies.
- Reviewing mix of securities within individual portfolios and to present the account reviews to the Asset Management Administrative Committee. The purpose is to review account relationships with respect to objectives, holdings and client contact.

Basic Qualifications:
- 5 years of Portfolio Management experience
- Bachelors Degree

Preferred Qualifications:

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