Sunday, September 23, 2012

Manager of Fixed Income Technology

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This role is responsible for the design and delivery of technology central to the Rates Technology platform. These services centrally support all of our applications through the full trade life cycle from pricing to execution to position management to risk generation to settlement.

Role Summary:
The Manager will lead a team responsible for the development of the core services of the Rates Platform.

In collaboration with other parts of the global team, develop and execute a road map for Rates Technology. Plans should be realistic and address functional and non-functional requirements using the relevant appropriate technologies. Particular focus over the next two years is to ensure that the Rates business and technology platform is geared for forthcoming regulatory changes driven by Dodd Frank. This will include capabilities to price, execute and clear substantially increased volumes which are expected to result from the regulation.

Essential Experience:
10-15 Years technology experience including roles leading technology design, architecture and delivery management
Deep Fixed Income and OTC derivatives product experience from a front to back perspective
Experience building low latency trading and high volume systems
Experience in cross asset risk management
Awareness of the potential impact of Dodd-Frank on OTC derivatives trading
n-Tier architecture design and implementation utilizing messaging and federated services
Familiarity with FPML

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