Sunday, September 9, 2012

High Frequency Trader / Scientist

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Quantitative Hedge fund managing $2Bn, specializing in quantitative futures and equity strategies. The firm also runs an internal prop group which acts as a research nerve centre for the fund, which currently focuses on developing high frequency commodity linked strategies. The culture is collegiate: encouraging collaboration and innovative thought.

- They are looking to take on an individual to join this team, who can add value and diversification to the group.
- You will be joining a relatively new team, and therefore will be in a position to play a part in the full life cycle of your strategies from the cradle to the grave. Therefore a strong background in research is preferred as well as significant relevant experience in finance as your input will impact heavily on the future direction of the group, as well as its long term success.
- There is a strong emphasis on collaboration such that the best ideas can be harnessed, however you must also be able to work without ‘supervision’. Ideally you will be someone who can grow rapidly within the team, and take on additional responsibilities as the team grows.

- PH.D preferred / research based experience.
- Experience with commodities / futures
- 3+ years experience in quantitative finance
- Programming experience

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