Sunday, August 5, 2012

Quantitative Analyst (Equity Trading)

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Quants at this prestigious hedge fund in New York City apply mathematical techniques and write software to develop, analyze, and implement statistical models for our computerized financial trading strategies.  Keen insight and innovation are imperative for creating solutions for trading profitably in markets around the globe.  Specific responsibilities range from examining trading data in an effort to increase profitability, decrease risk, and reduce transaction costs to conceiving new trading ideas and devising the simulations needed to test them.  Successful quant candidates have traditionally been exceptionally talented students at the top of their respective math, physics, engineering, and computer science programs; a considerable number have also competed successfully in the United States and International Math Olympiads as well as the Putnam Competition.  Members of our highly versatile technical staff possess the wide range of quantitative and programming abilities necessary to tackle challenging problems that are critical to the firm's continued success. 

Search Pointers: 
- 0 to 5 years experience 
- Backgrounds in Physics, Math, EE, CS, Machine Learning at top-tier institutions in the US and abroad (generally at the PhD level) 
- Post-docs at top-tier institutions 
- Experience at top-tier research labs 
- Coding experience in languages other than Matlab, R, and SAS 
- Experience working with real world large datasets 
- Best Student Paper awards at conferences like IEEE and NIPS 
- Highly-cited publications in top peer-reviewed journals 
- Awards and honors in competitions like Putnam, IMO, other National Olympiads 
- Candidates with "desk quant" experience are usually not a fit; we want quants who are driving strategies rather than just supporting traders 
NO CONTRACTORS/CONSULTANTS. This is a full-time job opportunity only.
Please email resumes directly to
Nika Prudnikova
The Leverage Group
139 E. 23rd Street
Suite 3
New York, NY 10010
Phone:             (212) 330-6400      
Fax: (212) 330-7510

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