Sunday, July 29, 2012

Senior Portfolio Management Officer

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Specific Description: This role is responsible for underwriting and structuring of straightforward and complex credit transactions with minimal oversight from the CPO/CPM and demonstrates strong judgment and sound credit decisioning skills. The role also approves credit transactions without CPO coverage and includes Single Signature Authority as applicable based on credit approval grid. This position drives the internal credit approval process for clients without CPO coverage and is actively involved in complex credit transactions. Sr PMOs independently lead documentation and loan closing process for all transactions without CPO coverage and have an active role with CPO in documentation and closing for complex transactions. Additionally, Sr PMOs may call on credit clients and prospects in partnership with the CM and/or CPO as appropriate. The role involves ongoing management and primary accountability for all monitoring and maintenance activities for an assigned portfolio, primarily larger/complex client relationships. Role is responsible for monitoring clients operating performance and financial condition to proactively identify issues and opportunities. They deliver financial, industry, economic and other analysis to facilitate decision making, while also ensuring adherence to credit policies, guidelines, and applicable regulatory requirements. The SR PMOs provide ongoing coaching and support to other Credit Products team members. Reports to the Credit Products Manager (CPM) and partner closely with CPOs and Credit Products Analysts (CPA). CREB PMOs have similar job responsibilities but do not typically perform the underwriting function. General qualifications include: a BS/BA degree and 5 -10 years of solid experience in financial analysis, structuring, underwriting and portfolio management, strong communication and analytical/technical skills, including financial accounting, modeling and loan structuring. General Description: Primarily responsible for leading the on-going monitoring and management of the credit portfolio and contributes to the underwriting of more complex client transactions. Analyzes client operating performance and financial condition, proactively identifies issues and opportunities and recommends risk mitigation. Responsible for monitoring and managing credit quality and data integrity. Performs appropriate sponsorship review and project monitoring by analyzing client and market information. Contributes to due diligence and credit approval package production. Delivers financial, industry and economic analyses and other activities to facilitate decision making. Responsible for adherence to credit policies, guidelines and applicable regulatory requirements. Requires strong communication and analytical/technical skills, including financial accounting and loan structuring. Provides ongoing guidance, coaching and support to other product delivery team members. BS or BA degree, 5 10 years of solid experience in financial analysis, structuring, underwriting and portfolio management preferred.

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