Sunday, May 27, 2012

Equity/Option Trader: Trade Our Capital ($50-250K)

All applicants for this position must complete our short recruitment process by following this link:

Maverick Trading is currently recruiting Equity and Equity/Index Option Traders to trade for the firm.  Ideal applicants will have strong finance knowledge with a background in corporate finance, financial analysis, economics, risk management or accounting and current knowledge of the markets.  Prior trading experience is helpful but not necessary as all traders will complete a short training upon joining the firm.  Upon completion of the training period, each trader will trade firm capital and keep 70-80% of trading profits generated.  Profitable traders will earn higher levels of trading capital over time and earn higher profit splits with the firm.  Profitable traders can earn over $20K+ per month after the first year.  Most traders work from home or their personal offices on a full or part-time basis.

Maverick Trading is a proprietary trading firm founded in 1997.  Our trading methodology is risk management focusing on capital preservation and allocation strategies.  Most of our proprietary trading strategies are options-based with a hedge on risk management and volatility.  We have some of the greatest traders in the business ranging in prior professions from former floor traders, stock brokers and financial planners to salespersons, accountants and engineers.  We are searching for hard-working, disciplined people who have a passion for the markets.

Traders at Maverick Trading are first and foremost expected to produce returns for the firm.  Traders are expected to complete their own financial analysis of the markets and trade with proper risk-management strategies.  Traders are expected to integrate into the firm and participate in daily trading sessions online, contributing to the success of all the traders in the firm.  Special skills such as computer programming in API languages such as Java and UNIX/Linux are helpful in writing trading programming for the firm.  Traders may also be asked to take on management roles and provide teaching and mentorship for newer traders, assisting them to achieve profitability in their trading. 

All prospective traders are required to follow Maverick Trading’s recruiting process on the website.  Prospective traders will watch a short introductory video that will introduce the firm and our recruiting guidelines, answer trading position FAQ’s and responsibilities, and will display compensation tables.  The candidate will also fill out an online application at that point.  After completing the application, you will be contacted via phone and email by a Maverick recruiter.

If you have wanted to trade professionally, fill out the application.  Traders can earn 100K+ every year

RequirementsFinance Background

-Financial Analyst
-Financial Advisor
-Investment Advisor
-Stock Broker
-Financial Planner
-Computer Programmer
-Sales and Marketing (finance)
-Real Estate and Insurance Agents

Skills Recommended 
Computer Programming
Experience with programs like Sterling, Real Tick, etc.
Prior Trading Experience
Hard Working

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