Sunday, April 15, 2012

Proprietary Trader

Proprietary Trader - Unique Trading Desk currently adding to their team in northern New Jersey

Located in the financial hub of Short Hills

Beyond a trading platform, we offer a learning environment. Helping new traders build their skills and more developed traders reach their full potential. Our trading floor is a close group that works together sharing ideas and strategies.

Every desk is managed by a senior trader responsible to guide and assist new members where appropriate.

Capital required and the firm will leverage your account up to 30 to 1.

*FINRA now requires all proprietary traders to pass the Series 56 Exam. WE WILL SPONSOR OUR TRADERS TO TAKE THE SERIES 56 EXAM.

Extensive seminars and courses
High % pay out and competitive rates
Just upgraded to a new, larger facility
Trade on site or remotely 
 RequirementsKnowledge of financial markets
Minimum of 2 years investment experience

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