Sunday, April 29, 2012

Futures Trader; Charlotte, NC

Futures Trader for Global Financial Technology Firm (Charlotte, NC)

Company Overview
Title Trading is a successful and proven international financial technology company specializing in high frequency proprietary trading. With a focus on innovation, achievement, and integrity, we are recognized as a leader in our space and take pride in serving the interests of both our traders and colleagues.

Position Description
Title Trading is seeking motivated individuals to join our proprietary Futures training program. To share in this opportunity, incoming traders must be fully committed to trading and motivated for success. In addition, applicants must have a tenacious work ethic and superior math skills. Prior trading experience is not required.

•          Bachelor’s Degree in business, mathematics or finance preferred
•          History of academic excellence
•          Ability to make excellent decisions under pressure
•          Entrepreneurial and self-motivated
•          Demonstrated interest in trading, financial markets and technology

Personal Attributes:
•          Pro-active thinker with the ability to spot problems before they arise
•          Must be highly competitive, driven and disciplined
•          Team player with strong interpersonal skills (verbal and written)
•          Excellent analytical and problem solving skills
•          Willingness to take on tasks both big and small
•          Excellent time management and organization skills

Compensation and Benefits

Title Trading is an equal opportunity employer providing a competitive rewards package including comprehensive benefits and base compensation plus discretionary bonus.

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