Saturday, February 25, 2012

Junior Trader (30-518)

Established and growing Chicago based proprietary trading firm is seeking candidates for our Junior Trader position. This position will fit talented college graduates who possess innate capabilities, such as those listed under required skills. No prior industry experience is required. Training will take place on the job.
● Bachelors Degree from a 4-year university
● In a science such as Electrical Engineering, Computer Science, Chemistry, Mathematics, Physics or related technical field
● Strong GPA (3.75 or higher)

Required Skills:

● Strong computer skills with the ability to do development in a programming language (e.g. VBA, C++, C#, R)
● Math aptitude, analytical and problem solving skills
● Ability to do light development in a programming language using multi-dimensional arrays, nested loops, complex conditionals and simple file I/O
● Ability to react calmly and quickly in an electronic trading environment
● Demonstrated interest in trading
● Learns new concepts quickly
● Has demonstrated the ability to use good judgment
● Maintains integrity at all times
● Values teamwork but still can think and work independently
● Will dig in and be self-motivated and self-directed in personal growth and learning
● Can communicate effectively while under pressure
● Can adapt to changing situations with ease
● Capable of maintaining focus with a strong drive for success
● Ability to work on a competitive team
● Mental discipline and ability to solve problems under pressure
● Willing to work the overnight shift

◦ Asian market shift (4pm - midnight)
◦ Euro market shift (Midnight - 9am)

Please note that only those individuals whose qualifications match our current needs will be considered applicants and receive responses. We thank you for your interest in XR Trading.

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