Saturday, October 29, 2011

Trading Assistant

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We are young company in options market making/trading with the goal of rapid growth.  We currently trade treasury options and will be looking to expand to new products further down the line.  We are looking for candidates that are excited to get in on the ground floor of a trading company to help it expand.

This position is an entry level position that offers the opportunity for quick ascension into options market making.   Trading Assistants play a crucial role in the functionality and communication of an options market making group.  Trading assistants will be fully immersed into the trading environment and will be expected to learn at a parabolic rate.  The position offers the opportunity to work right alongside senior traders.  This allows the trading assistant to have direct one on one access to advance their knowledge in options.  During the typical day a trading assistant will be involved in calculating and communicating risk to traders, reconciling trades, and making adjustments to the options model. 


Qualifications:  The ideal candidate will be self-motivated, competitive, responsible, organized, and hard working.  Candidates that will exceed in meritorious environments are the most likely to succeed. 

3.2+ GPA required
Strong quantitative background
Majors: Finance, Engineering, Physics, Computer Science

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