Sunday, October 2, 2011

Associate Trader

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Organizational Objective/Purpose:

Charles Schwab Investment Management Inc. (CSIM), a subsidiary of The Charles Schwab Corporation, is one of the nation's largest asset management companies, with approximately $200 billion in assets under management. The CSIM fixed income portfolio management team is responsible for the management  of Schwab's proprietary fixed income funds, including Schwab Funds® and Schwab ETFs™. As a provider of core investment products, CSIM is important in helping to fulfill Schwab's mission of helping everyone be financially fit and is a critical engine for the company's profitability and growth.

Brief Description of Role:

Associate Traders are expected to develop and/or apply their understanding of market dynamics to assist portfolio managers in executing portfolio strategies and processes. They should seek to "fine tune" and improve existing processes, while constantly questioning and/or validating existing processes and positions. Traders should also seek to minimize risk as applicable to the respective fund strategy and objective. The focus is on ensuring trading accuracy, best execution, and enhancing efficiencies where appropriate. Embedded in this overall process is a keen attention to detail and an escalation of issues.
Technical/Functional Qualifications:

2+ Years of experience within Financial Services

Strong Excel skills required to maintain, update, and/or create spreadsheets to assist in portfolio management functions; quick and adaptable learning style required to process a large amount of information; effective communication skills needed to communicate with trading partners and back office support staff as well as presenting trade ideas, reporting on market conditions, and other portfolio performance and issues; ability to multitask: regularly have multiple tasks requiring utmost and simultaneous attention.
Licensing is not required
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