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Trader/Analyst - Non-Bank Financial Institutions - Markets

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The Markets Group at the Federal Reserve Bank of New York is responsible for planning and executing open market operations, reporting financial market developments to policy makers, and managing foreign customer accounts.

The Credit Intermediation staff within the of the Markets Group is seeking a Senior Trader Analyst responsible for conducting analysis related to non-bank finance companies. The Credit Intermediation staff is responsible for contributing to analysis of financial firms that are integral to the credit intermediation process including banks, non-bank financial companies and insurance companies. The group provides short- and medium-term analysis of these sectors within the context of global asset market monitoring and financial stability more broadly. The Credit Intermediation staff is seeking an individual with expertise in evaluating non-bank finance companies to integrate cross-sectional analysis of these entities into the Markets Group’s market monitoring efforts and financial stability study. The ideal candidate would have a strong understanding of private sector non-bank finance companies, which are principally engaged in the business of extending credit to household and corporate sectors. Candidates should be knowledgeable about legal and accounting rules related to finance companies and recent trends related to company performance, investing practices and funding.


Trader Analysts are responsible for contributing to the Markets Group’s daily efforts to report developments in global asset markets for policy makers. In addition, Trader Analysts conduct in-depth analysis related to their specialty markets often in conjunction with other specialists in related areas of expertise. Specific responsibilities include:

Follow performance trends of non-bank finance companies and monitor their investment positions in asset markets and funding practices
Contribute to daily market monitoring products and in-depth briefings on issues related to investment practices and asset price movements in relevant investment products
Produce regular in-depth analysis of trends among non-bank finance firms
Evaluate the potential impact of financial reform efforts and their potential effects on investment and funding practices among non-bank finance companies
Collaborate with other Federal Reserve colleagues within the Markets Group and the Federal Reserve System more broadly in cross-disciplinary projects to understand the impact of investor flows, positioning, new investment vehicles and instruments on market functioning more broadly
At times lead or coordinate interdisciplinary analytical efforts or short term projects
Participate in cross-market monitoring training through an internal training program


The ideal candidate would have the following qualifications:

Master’s level degree in Business, Economics, Policy or a related area; or an undergraduate degree coupled with more than seven years of relevant experience
Five to seven years of work experience in market analysis, strategy or trading; with an orientation towards non-bank finance firms
Demonstrated expertise in analyzing non-bank finance companies in terms of performance, and risk management. Demonstrated familiarity with business models, funding practices and legal structures and innovation trends
Demonstrated ability to lead and effectively participate effectively in group projects with a proven track record of driving results despite competing priorities and short time tables
Demonstrated ability to engender collaboration and information sharing
Proven ability to lead concise and effective discussions in both formal and informal settings
Strong written and verbal communication skills; ability to extract larger themes while providing concise, accurate, and insightful analysis in both written and verbal form
Excellent diplomacy skills with the proven ability to work well with external and internal colleagues

This position requires access to classified FOMC information. In some cases, the position requires access to confidential supervisory information, which is limited to "Protected Individuals" as defined in the U.S. federal immigration law. Protected Individuals include, but are not limited to, U.S. citizens, U.S. nationals, U.S. permanent residents who are not yet eligible to apply for naturalization, and U.S. permanent residents who have applied for naturalization within six months of being eligible to do so.

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