Saturday, March 12, 2011

Trader's Assistant

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Title: Junior Trader/Trader’s Assistant - Located in Chicago downtown it the Loop

A Chicago based hedge fund is looking for a junior trader to join immediately and contribute to a fast-paced trading environment.


Candidate must be a reliable person, diligent and responsible. This is a critical role. Will work closely with founder and traders to monitor technically sophisticated automated trading strategies throughout the day.

Job entails monitoring of multiple automated trading strategies, supporting traders, following the markets, statistical data analysis, back-office reconciliation and administrative work.

Candidate must be computer literate, with some experiences with Linux. Must be able script in bash or perl, programming ability a plus. Must have a basic understanding of the markets, trading and financial products. Some experience (1-2 years) in similar role would be beneficial but not required.

Degree Required: BS/Masters in finance/economics/computer science/math

Please email resume and a detail cover letter outlining your skills and experiences to

"jobs at takumi-capital dot com

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