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Senior Trader - FX Futures

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DRW Trading Group is a principal trading organization, meaning all of our trading is for our own account, and all of our methods, systems and applications are solely for our own use. Unlike hedge funds, brokerage firms and banks, DRW has no investors, clients or customers. DRW trades actively in a wide range of assets classes both domestically and internationally.

DRW Trading Group seeks to identify and capture opportunities in the global markets by leveraging and integrating technology, risk management and quantitative research. Since our inception in 1992, we have acquired extensive knowledge and built an organizational infrastructure that enables us to efficiently access the financial markets. Applying our experience, we have organically developed viable and diverse trading strategies that have positive expected value relative to their associated risks. With an entrepreneurial mindset, we are constantly refining our existing businesses and developing new strategies.

An integral aspect of DRW's business is our approach to risk management. By definition, as market professionals, we take financial risk. In order to do so confidently, we devote ourselves to understanding and measuring the risks associated with our trading strategies. Our risk management methodology treats each of our trading operations and their respective subtleties individually. Like our trading, our processes for managing risk are constantly improving and evolving, and are a critical component of our business.

We trade actively in a wide range of assets classes both domestically and internationally and are currently looking to expand into FX markets. DRW seeks a Senior FX Futures/Forwards Trader who is fluent in risk management and has experience leading a team of currency traders.


* Hire and manage team of FX traders
* Trade FX products utilizing both automated and manual execution strategies
* Market make in futures/forwards across multiple currency pairs, via exchange floors and voice brokered markets
* Manage and optimize the risk of the aggregate FX portfolio
* Develop and maintain relationships with prominent FX participants
* Identify and capture current opportunities; research and introduce new trading strategies
* Research, identify, and execute trading strategies which fit within the risk parameters of the FX book
* Review all transactions to ensure trades conform to pertinent laws and regulations
* Recognize market participant patterns
* Create models based on analysis and modify based on market dynamics; take risks accordingly
* Communicate daily with the rest of the FX team regarding new opportunities and strategies
* Assist in the growth and development of junior traders


* 5+ years of experience successfully trading FX outrights and forwards
* Previous experience trading FX options highly preferred
* In-depth understanding of FX markets
* Previous experience managing a team of traders preferred
* Experience developing and designing derivatives pricing and hedging tools using VBA and Excel
* Must have strong risk management skills and an in-depth understanding of the functioning of FX markets
* Bachelor's degree
* Must be proficient in Excel and Bloomberg
* Excellent interpersonal and communication skills
* Strong quantitative skills
* Strong problem-solving skills essential
* Proven ability to investigate issues within own area of work and produce results

Culture and Community

DRW is committed to a culture of collaboration, innovation and entrepreneurship. Our employees are self-motivated, competitive and intellectually curious. The key to DRW's success lies in an interdisciplinary, team approach that enables us to discover opportunities and solve complexities in the financial markets. We advocate a healthy work-life balance and offer challenging activities and benefits for our team members including:

* Fully stocked game room
* Excellent health, dental and vision insurance
* Poker tournaments
* 401k matching program
* Book club
* Tuition reimbursement
* Charity and volunteer activities
* Guest speakers
* Massages
* Geek lunches
* Sports teams
* Daily catered breakfast and lunches
* Wine tastings
* Yoga classes

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