Sunday, February 13, 2011

Equity Trader

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WTS is now recruiting exceptional individuals to join our equity training program. We are only interested in selected candidates who have a passion for proprietary trading with high frequency trading strategy's and are ready to take on our vigorous training program and receive the necessary education and mentoring needed for the opportunity to profit on an intra-day basis. Our staff with more than twenty years of trading experience provides top level training. With daily classroom training, one on one mentoring, we are dedicated to providing our traders with modeled strategies and techniques. Our firm provides a systematic approach, tested on historical data which traders, trade with precision and accuracy. With devoted staff and technical support, we provide comprehensive and sophisticated proprietary software. Our traders accumulate profits with a back-tested quantitative strategy to offer the opportunity for excellent results.

At the completion of the training program, traders will immediately be allocated a portion of the firm’s capital to begin their career as a trader. This capital allocation is reviewed on a weekly basis. Performance based increases in capital allocations are made if a trader exhibits consistent profitability and growth. Traders will be expected to analyze, model, and develop trading strategies on trading system improvements.

WTS Proprietary Trading Group, LLC provides traders with customizable cutting-edge technology, ample buying power and a state-of-the-art infrastructure providing an atmosphere geared towards high frequency trading. WTS Proprietary Trading Group, LLC is a Member of the Chicago Board of Options Stock Exchange (CBSX) registered with the SEC. WTS traders are accommodated with robust trading platforms, proper training, professional management, and sophisticated technology that fosters a superior trading experience.


* Eligible candidates will have strong mathematical, analytical and problem-solving skills, and must be able to demonstrate intelligence, competitiveness, and focus
* Strong knowledge of Excel, emphasized on research, back-testing, optimization and execution, and your drive to enter a fast-paced environment
* There is a $1,500 contribution to enter into our WTS Associate training program if you are selected

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