Saturday, January 15, 2011

Real Time Trader

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Real Time Trader

Our client is a leading, global investment bank looking for a power trader within the energy marketplace. In this role you will:

* Develop real time trading strategies to increase margins through optimization of portfolio and negotiate and execute all financial and operational terms of the short term transactions.
* Maintain real time position accuracy and execute the hedging strategy in order to maximize profitability and manage commodity price risk.
* Initiate, execute, and maintain independent commodity trading strategies
* Track performance of all real time trading decisions through the use of our metrics and communicate results with the team in order to share learnings of what is working and not working in today' market environment
* Initiate and execute process improvement recommendations
* Maintain external focus on industry trends, customer interaction, and the competitive environment



* Undergraduate degree required with preferred concentration in engineering or a business related area, MBA preferred.
* Minimum 8 years experience in energy commodity trading
* Demonstrated leadership capabilities and decision making capabilities coupled with the ability to work under tight deadlines
* Self motivated to achieve success in a rapidly evolving environment

Ed was knowledable about the position and was able to set up a meeting with his client relatively easily and quickly once the client decided to come to the table to hire. I found Ed to be a straight-shooter who did not sugar coat anything and gave me a clear picture of what MRElgin had in the pipeline in relation to my qualifications.

Renewables Trader in New York

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