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Job Title: Trader/Analyst
Group: Markets Group
Location: HO - New York, NY (Head Office)
Job Status: Full-Time

Area Overview:
The Markets Group at the Federal Reserve Bank of New York consists of multiple business areas that fulfill a range of responsibilities, from planning and executing open market operations, monitoring and analyzing financial market developments, to managing foreign customer accounts. Through its analytical and operational areas, the Markets Group:

* Manages the size and composition of the Federal Reserve System's balance sheet consistent with the directives and the authorization of the Federal Open Market Committee (FOMC);
* Monitors and analyzes financial market developments for key stakeholders and policymakers within the Federal Reserve System;
* Monitors and analyzes developments related to financial stability.
* Supports debt issuance and debt management on behalf of the U.S. Treasury;
* Provides foreign exchange services to the U.S. Treasury; and
* Provides account services to foreign central banks, international agencies, and U.S. government agencies.

Job Responsibilities:

* Monitors, analyzes and reports to policy makers on global financial market developments:
* Tracks intra-day and longer-term global asset price movements;
* Interfaces with market participants to obtain context for asset price movements;
* Analyzes findings and identifies themes relevant to the monetary policy process;
* Prepares detailed written analysis and presents oral briefings on market developments to officials in the Federal Reserve, the Treasury, and other institutions;
* Relates developments in financial markets to issues pertaining to financial stability;
* Assumes responsibility over time as a Markets Group specialist for a specific aspect of financial markets.
* Plans and executes transactions in foreign exchange or fixed income markets on behalf of the U.S. monetary authorities, foreign central banks, and other customers.
* Participates in projects within the Markets Group related to increasing the effectiveness and efficiency of transactional business areas.
* Performs related duties as required.

Position Requirements:

* Master’s degree in Business Administration, Economics, or Public Policy and a minimum of one year relevant work experience in an analytical capacity related to global financial markets.
* Demonstrated analytical skills, including knowledge of financial instruments and financial market structure, macroeconomic theory and monetary policy.
* Proven ability to provide concise, articulate and insightful economic analysis in written and verbal form.
* Ability to analyze complex market issues, make sound decisions and respond under pressure.
* Ability to work productively in a high-performance team atmosphere and as an independent analyst.
* Must adhere to area specific financial disclosure requirements.

In some cases, positions require access to confidential supervisory information, which is limited to "Protected Individuals" as defined in the U.S. federal immigration law. Protected Individuals include, but are not limited to, U.S. citizens, U.S. nationals, U.S. permanent residents who are not yet eligible to apply for naturalization, and U.S. permanent residents who have applied for naturalization within six months of being eligible to do so.

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