Saturday, September 18, 2010

Proprietary Stock Trader

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Keystone Trading Group is actively seeking to expand its trading desk.

New Traders (trainees)

We are seeking 5 candidates that are highly competitive, with strong analytical and quantitative skills. These candidates should have a strong passion for the stock market and more importantly are looking to control their own destiny and their own success.

If selected into the program,trainees will begin a 8 week training program. As part of the program, trainees will be taught the skills and techniques used by the traders at Keystone's Proprietary trading desk.

Starting in week 5 of the program, trainees will be trading Keystone's firm account while be mentored by seasoned Professional traders. Traders receive 50% of all trading profits.

Experienced Traders:

If you are an experienced trader who can document a P and L statement of gross profits of at LEAST $25k from the last 6 months, we would be interested in discussing a partnership.

Keystone Trading will be hosting an Open House on Tuesday ,September 21st at the Long Island/Huntington Hilton to discuss the opportunity and to teach you a few of the techniques our trades utilize every day.

This will be the first step in the interview process!

Seats are limited so be sure to Register!

Requirements A compelling interest in the financial markets

· Highly focused and goal oriented
· Ability to take and manage risk
· A degree in business, finance or economics is useful; however all majors are considered

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