Sunday, September 26, 2010

Foreign Exchange Trader

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An International Bank is seeking an experienced Foreign Exchange Trader. Person will conduct proprietary trading in FX, process and execute OTCFX options, plus gold and silver commodities for Bank's clients. Process and hedge foreign currency, assets and liabilities for the Bank. Develop FX hedging structures for clients. Provide timely pricing for branches and representative offices, plus Private Banking. Train/supervise junior FX traders. Process FX Spot Forwards and Options. Develop customer relationships, plus new foreign currency products, structures and derivatives for clients. Train other Bank departments in FX, improve relationships with market banks and provide media commentaries. Person will interact directly with commercial/retail clients, department managers, supervisors and branches, write letters/memos, press releases, articles and participate in group meetings.


Required: BA/BS Degree, plus3- 5+ years of relevant banking experience. Required product knowledge: FX trading, metal commodities, securities, deposit related products, finance/accounting, Bank's product lines, business development, profitability/financial analysis, debt securities, financial planning, budgeting, country risk, selling and investment management.

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