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Trader Trainee

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FSI, located at 110 Wall Street, is a leading research and development company providing traders with a combination of unparalleled global capital market analysis and comprehensive trading system development. FSI is currently hiring Entry Level to Senior Level Traders as we open a new Trading floor in New York City. We offer traders competitive commission on trades, world-class comprehensive training, and direct access trading in Global Capital Markets.


The Prop Trader Trainee Program is designed in five stages. The trainees will learn how to develop their own trading strategies and styles. Throughout the program the trainees will be evaluated on the successful execution of these strategies.

Stage I:

During the first stage trainees will attend in-class seminar for five days. The Trader Trainee (TT) will learn how to forecast relative currency strengths by analyzing global economic data and geopolitical events. In addition, they will learn how to coordinate appropriate real-time asset biddings and hedging strategies in balancing risk and value. FSI Senior Traders will also train TTs on various quantitative trading methods and advanced trading strategies. At the end of the fifth class an exam will be given covering the material discussed during the seminar.

Stage II:

The TTs will join senior traders on the trading floor, trading demo accounts using virtual money. During this time, TTs will test and modify their trading strategies under the supervision of senior traders.

Stage III:

TTs will open a live trading account with their own capital to begin the evaluation period. Trainees are required to generate consistent performance returns for two consecutive months to be considered for the final stages of the program. Each TT will retain 100% of the profits they earn. During this time, select PTT’s will also join FSI research and development team that consists of traders and programmers to learn to how to test and develop FSI Automated Trading Systems and Trading Signal Generators.

Stage IV:

Those who successfully pass the third stage become Fund Match Traders. FSI will provide company funds to match PTTs’ live account funds. Trainees must continuously generate consistent return on the fund-matched account and qualify to hold seminars around the world to promote themselves as Money Managers for our existing clients.

Stage V:

FSI will offer a full time position as either a Currency Trader or FX Research Analyst to those who qualify.

The Trader Trainee position is initially commission based receiving one of the highest commissions on their trades. Upon successful completion of the program, TT’s will be offered a full time salaried position.

Duties & Responsibilities:

* Assessing real time market positions, market trends, and conditions that affect the global

capital market to find profitable trading opportunities

* Monitoring global news on macro economic and geopolitical events affecting the Forex market and forecasting relative currency strengths of major countries
* Conducting extensive research on how global capital markets perform through macroeconomic study and technical analysis
* Testing and developing FSI Automated Trading Systems and Trading Signal Generators


* Bachelor’s degree
* The ability to excel in a fast-paced environment and to perform well under pressure
* Must be detail oriented with highly accurate and superb data analysis
* Must Exude a professional, confident, mature, and self-motivated style and strong

personal discipline

* Bilingual a plus (Japanese, Chinese, German, Russian, Korean, Hindi, French)
* Experience in the financial industry (Equities, Commodities, Futures, Derivatives, Insurance) and familiarity with investment banking as a trader, researcher, analyst or broker is a big plus

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