Saturday, June 19, 2010

Trader / Administrative Assistant

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The Trader / Administrative Assistant position is responsible for providing support and assistance to the Traders in all aspects of their daily trading activities as well as managing the daily office responsibilities.


o Coordinate sales and purchase orders between traders and invoicing staff. Tracking of shipments to contract totals (maintaining a position) and reconciliation of advances/deposits/payments against contracts and bookings. Ability to follow contracts through to completion including dissemination, tracking and management of contracts, bookings, shipments, etc.
o Handling daily administrative needs of Traders including scheduling meetings, speaking with customers, requesting freight rates, handling rejections and re-grades, and covering phone calls when traders are out of office.
o Schedule shipments in coordination with traders. Follow-up to confirm shipments are complete.
o Monitor open shipment reports and exception reports. Work with Traders and communicate with customers when invoicing problems occur.
o Inside sales responsibilities.
o Monitoring of weight comparison reports. Handling weight complaints with mills.
o Typing, faxing and filing information relative to current sales and purchase orders for Traders.
o Processing confirmations of orders.



· Requires computer skills in Excel, Lotus Notes and Ross.
· Must have knowledge of basic accounting skills.
· Must have good interpersonal skills; will work with customers, suppliers, and traders.
· Must have a strong work ethic.
· Must be able to work independently and meet deadlines.
· Must be a “team’ player.
· Experience in the scrap industry is a plus.

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