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E-mini S&P Trader

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Title: National Proprietary Trading Firm Seeks Experienced E-Mini S&P (ES) Day-Traders for Futures Fund

Years Experience Required: 3+

Location: National/Anywhere in U.S.A. (Chicago based firm seeks remote traders)

Compensation: 50% of net profits

A nationally recognized, emerging Hedge Fund is creating a Futures Division focused on trading the E-Mini S&P 500 (ES) Contract. We are hiring 3-5 Traders to trade Independently as a Trader of the Fund.

As a member of the E-Mini ES Futures Desk, your role will be essentially as a proprietary trader for the Fund. After resume consideration and hiring, your role/goal will be to successfully Day-Trade the E-MINI S&P contract for the Fund.

The position is for Day-Traders ONLY - NO OVERNIGHT POSITIONS. However, you are able to trade the overnight markets (pre-open) as long as you do not overlap trading sessions.

This position is NATIONAL. We are a Chicago based firm, but Traders for our Fund have the ability to trade from their home office, rented office space - anywhere in the U.S.A.
Requirements Here is what we are looking for in the ideal candidate:

- 3+ Years of Market Trading Experience including or specific to the E-Mini S&P 500 (ES) contract.
- Ability to explain and articulate your trading strategy, including:
* risk management
* profit targets
* entry & exit points
- Ability to strictly adhere to the Risk Parameters established by the Fund
- Ability to strictly follow the guidelines and Risk Management set by the Fund regarding Position Limits
- Competitive Personality
- Ability to control and manage risk and take trading losses
- Motivation to MAKE MONEY and SUCCEED
- Mathematical Background is preferred
- Analytical Thinkers are a plus
- Experience with multiple trading platforms (specifically ONYX 2 offered through Rosenthal Collins Group) is a plus

In order to be considered for the ES Traders Position, you must:

1. Be able to post a small escrow deposit ($1,000 - $2,500) into a 3rd party bank account
* This escrow deposit will be returned to the Trader after 3+ months of employment and/or profitable trading
* The size of the escrow deposit will depend on:
- Experience
- Trading Size (contracts, position size, daily loss limit)
- Exceptions to escrow deposit CAN be made for the IDEAL CANDIDATE

2. Have a certifiable TRACK RECORD of ES Trading Experience
* Your track record does not need to be perfect - we are looking for traders who can control risk, manage positions, and be consistently profitable. Small losses - small consistent gains!
* We are not interested in Traders who seek to "Hit Home Runs"

3. Be able to explain, in detail, your Trading History, Background, and Strategy
* Since we do not necessarily meet our traders in person, we need to know as much about their background, goals, and strategies for successfully trading the volatile ES markets.

4. Have a home computer or laptop with high speed functionality for Trading Applications

Compensation & Benefits:

- Our starting profit sharing program is 50% of net profits, paid MONTHLY
* for traders with exceptionally successful backgrounds with proven track records - starting profit sharing % is negotiable

- Compensation/Trading Profit splits are subject to renegotiation on a QUARTERLY BASIS
- Quarterly Bonuses are possible for Trader's who are consistent and profitable

If you are interested please send me your resume and you will be contacted immediately.

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