Sunday, May 2, 2010

Fixed Income Trader

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Fixed Income Trader to be located in NYC / NJ Metro area. This special opportunity affords the qualified and motivated candidate a rewarding and challenging career to grow with our ever-expanding firm.Bring your honesty,integrity and broad range of experience in Institutional Bond Trading to a very successful Retail Trading desk. Bring your proven expertise in Market Making,regulatory requirements,inventory/risk controls and position balancing.Candidate must be able to balance all contols including "Marking" to Market,Hedge pairoffs,street-side contracts and Bloomberg systems,which, will complement the successful enviornment waiting for you.

Requirements This all-encompassing position will require you to maintain real-time P & L, provide accurate projections for your capital needs,display a thorough understanding of risk and hedge opportunities / requirements, as well as keeping abreast of the ever-changing investment landscape.Support for your needs and access to Executive Management are always a phone call away. We have virtually zero employee turnover ! Be prepared to produce solid results and be able to flourish while creating consistent sources of revenue and profitability for both our firm and your bottom-line. We provide the support and you provide your efforts.

Series 7 a must....

A clean regulatory record a must....

You are a competent, responsible, constant source of revenue production and professionalism........a must....

Apply for Job Here

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