Saturday, May 8, 2010

Financial Advisor; $26-40K

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Recent expansion in Connecticut is causing us to recruit several new financial advisor candidates!!!

No experience required as we will train the right person.

Why join our team and become a financial advisor?

First is that you get paid what you are worth! For many this scares them as they want to collect a check for, in many cases, doing nothing! My top manager grossed over $900,000 just a few years ago. This manager had a brand new, no experience first year planner earning $98,000, who the year prior was enlisted in the military.

Financial advisors work with anyone who has either income, or assets, or ideally both. Most everyone is a potential client. You NEVER run out of people to help! EVERYONE needs financial planning advice, yet most never seek it out. Financial planning is not just for the wealthy. Our systems cause clients to want your products!

Here’s Are a Few Ways We Set You Up To Win:

· Brand awareness/advertising campaign
· Customer service
· Professional orientation, training, and certifications
· Professional field marketing materials
· The latest in sales automation technology
· A rewarding career
· A generous benefits package
· Freedom and lifestyle of an entrepreneur with support behind you
· A full range of products and services
· Prestige
· Financial strength
· Work with winners


· Must be ambitious and self-motivated.
· Must be a success-driven self-starter.
· Must be articulate and project a presence of success.
· Must be able to communicate well with others and enjoy working with people.

Our average experienced planner will attend at least one "exotic" all expense paid trip per year to places like Hawaii, Bahama's, Italy, etc...These trips include costs for a guest as well.

Training trips in places like Las Vegas, Sanoma Valley, CA, Chicago, San Antonio, etc.... As an advisor, you set your schedule. For some this means taking Friday's off, for others maybe a handful of weeks a year for travel. Time to spend with kids, school events, sports, etc.....

I don't care what you've done in the past. Anyone with desire to succeed, people skills, sales skills, caring, can learn and master our trade.

Is it hard work at first? Yes. You must spend some time getting licensed both state and federally. (same as any other good career!) You must be open to learning new things. You must be able to communicate and sell yourself. Time and effort MUST be spent mastering any new career!

If you feel you may be a fit, I would welcome the opportunity to speak with you!

APPLY NOW and I will contact you to discuss this great opportunity.

Please feel free to call me to discuss this opportunity at 860-445-5018 mon - thurs 11am - 4pm

Apply for Job Here

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