Thursday, March 25, 2010

Equities Trader - OTC

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An Equities Trading position in the NYC / NJ area. This very special opportunity affords the right qualified and motivated applicant a career that is both rewarding and challenging. You will be responsible for maintaining a "Market Maker" list of Equity Securities in the OTC Marketplace. We currently Trade a varied list of Products which has been a very successful endeavor for our experienced group of professionals for a long time. We have the opportunity to grow and expand our line of offerings within our Marketplace. We will assist and cater to our new member's business line(s) and provide competent Management and leadership to all efforts.
Trading a list, providing Execution services and support for a varied list of customers, both large and small, far and wide, and committing firm Capital are your responsibility. Creating P & L under all circumstances is always our goal...can you create P & L instead of "following along", "riding with the crowd" , "undercutting", or "exploiting everyone" ??...the aforementioned is what our competitors are famous for doing on a daily basis...we are different !
This position is an "all-Around" career. Travelling to conventions, visiting customers, giving presentations and learning new products and procedures are all part of your career. Dealing with an ever-changing Marketplace and staying aware of industry issues and Regulatory happenings are always the "Mindset".
Our firm prides itself on our personnel, our Best Execution criteria and performance, and our ability to provide our specialized services to those who understand and appreciate our relevancy and necessity within our Marketplace.
Our facilities are condusive to a wonderful working enviornment which is always upbeat and interactive. Our personnel operates on the most up to date and state of the art equipment and relies on the very best of support services.
We have a virtually non-exisitent turnover ratio of employees and we offer everyone a clean, respectable and motivating atmosphere with opportunity to succeed, advance and apply their skills.
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-Series 7, Series 63, Series 55 (Series 24 a plus).
-Clean Regulatory Record.(applicant will submit to Background and Credit Checks).
-Working Knowledge of Trading OMS's, Execution platforms, News providers,ECN's / ATS's
-Understand Corporate Actions, Relevancy of News,Trends and Securities Analysis.
-Ability to maintain a "Market Maker" list of Securities.
-Manage Risk, Commit Firm Capital, support Institutional, Retail and B/D Customer Base.
-Produce Sound Results under any / all Market Condidtions.
-Take the appropriate steps and work the appropriate hours in order to Get the Job Done.
-Travel, entertain and remain on top of all industry developments.
-Handle Stress, maintain compliance within all Regulatory Standards, and be a Team Player.

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