Saturday, February 13, 2010

Precious Metals Trader

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In this position, Trader reports to Trading Manager. Position is responsible for wholesale purchase of scrap precious metals and sale of gold and silver bullion. Trader quotes real time commodity ‘Spot’ prices, determines material values, records customer trades, prepares payments to sellers and verifies payment receipt from buyers. Trader also ensures purchase trades are appropriately routed for shipping. Finally, Trader tracks market for possible trade opportunities and ‘real time’ product pricing analysis.

Please Note: This position is distinctly different from equities or bond trading.


Education: Minimum four year degree in finance, accounting, marketing or other business related field.

Work Experience: Minimum three years professional work experience.

Traits of Ideal Candidate:

* Math, Math , Math - Strong confidence with basic mathematical skills; an individual who can easily recognize significant calculation errors.
* Sedentary Position – Willing to spend overwhelming majority of day at a desk on the phone. Position is not a good fit for more active individual.
* Communication / Phone Skills – Can communicate confidently and professionally. Can develop and maintain friendly rapport with customers; is confident in addressing customer concerns.
* Focused – Is accurate, detailed and organized. Can maintain focus and manage time under pressure and stress.
* Patient / Forgiving – Is cool under fire. Can listen intently to understand and respond to customer problems, concerns and questions. Is forgiving of customer and employee mistakes (we cannot ask for forgiveness if we do not offer it).
* Team Player – Must be able to professionally work in coordination with others.
* Improviser – Can think on their feet and improvise in taking orders, addressing customer concerns and meeting co-worker needs.
* Willing Learner – Is open minded to asking questions to learn position and business. A ‘know it all’ mentality is high unproductive for this position.

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