Saturday, October 31, 2009

Prop Trader

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We are a successful growing trading group looking for a talented Proprietary Trader to join us on our expanding trading team.

We offer a great working environment. Traders are given the tools that they need to have the best chance possible to be successful at our firm. Our management is approachable and available for direction and/or support.

We offer the following trading platforms:

* DOS Trader Pro
* Light Speed
* Sterling

Trainees will be taught proprietary methodologies and strategies with continuous feedback from our staff. Our hands-on approach to train new traders is distinctive from the other firms in our trading community.


The candidates we are seeking should have the following qualities:

· Highly motivated

· Focused on achieving financial goals with significant growth potential

· High degree of energy, concentration and attention to detail

· Strong work ethic and professional conduct

Day trading is risky and traders should be able to sustain losses and/or lose their capital and contributions, if any, are subject to loss.

Equity trading is not suitable for all investors/traders, equity trading is extremely risky and capital can be lost. Initial contribution, if any, affect rates, payout, and terms of agreement.

Apply for Job Here

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