Saturday, October 24, 2009

Equity Trader

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Equity Trader Lynx Capital Partners, LLC, is currently recruiting entry-level traders for its state of the art NYC office. These select few traders will have the opportunity to partake in our training program, which is renowned in the industry for turning out some of the most consistently profitable traders. We pride ourselves on providing traders a congenial, technologically advanced atmosphere that fosters success. New trainees: • Experienced and successful traders train new recruits in proven strategies.• Our trainers have a vested interest in the success of their trainees and therefore are available throughout the day for hands on instruction and feedback as well as intensive post-market lectures. • Our trainers are industry veterans who apply proven techniques based on years of success. Please be advised that this is not a salary based position. Experienced traders: • We are also looking for seasoned traders who want to trade using our advanced trading platform in our NYC facility. • Experienced traders are welcome to compare othe execution platform we utilize and overall atmosphere to their current firm. Groups or group leaders are welcome. Lynx Capital Partners, LLC is neither a broker-dealer nor introducing broker, and does not provide brokerage services.

Requirements • Bachelors Degree WE DO NOT SPONSOR H1-B WORK VISAS. For further information, please visit our website at: Bachelors degree in finance, economics, or any other applicable field. • An active interest in the markets • Please note that this is NOT a brokerage or internship position.Encourage to apply at anytime this posting is up.

Apply for Job Here

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