Saturday, September 12, 2009

Manager, Active Trader Relationship Management

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Primary Purpose:
Achieve Active Trader segment growth by promoting E*TRADE’s world-class value proposition of price, product, service, and performance as the competitive edge for active investors. As the Active Trader subject matter expert, work to broaden our customer facing reps knowledge of this important part of the business with a desired end result of positively impacting leads and conversion.

Duties and Responsibilities:
- Serve as the “Active Trader Wholesaler” to customer facing sales and service groups.
- Serving as a primary point of contact for all Relationship Managers who have customers or prospects with questions about our AT offering.
- Work closely with training to ensure that our AT products are services are being properly highlighted in new hire and ongoing training.
- Serve as point of contact for Media Relations when they are seeking an Active Trader to interface with a reporter.
- Provide assistance to customers and Investment Branch Relationship Managers, National Branch Relationship Managers, Concierge and Elite representatives on our value proposition, competitive landscape and active trader topics including fundamental and technical analysis.
- Train all customer facing teams (Investment Branches, National Branches, Elite, and Concierge) to listen for clues which indicate that a prospect fits the profile of an active trader and how to route leads appropriately.
- Promote sales development through consistent training, proactive communication, and collaborative learning. Offer sales and performance coaching focusing on increasing AT conversion rates.
- Intimately understand SalesForce and utilize it to proactively reach out to salespeople on opportunities that they are working. Help them to close high potential opportunities.
- Build strategy surrounding business development initiatives that increase Active Trader awareness within Investment Branches as well as to drive increased retail foot traffic. Carry strategy through to implementation.
- Educate E*TRADE’s customers by conducting platform workshops at educational events as well as one-on-one client consultations.
- Travel- The Active Trader Retail Sales Development Manager will be called upon to travel and represent E*TRADE at various seminars, Co-sponsored marketing events, Grand Openings, and industry trade shows.
- Maintain a team oriented, collaborative, challenging, work environment that fosters creativity and a high level of job satisfaction
- Demonstrate a thorough understanding of position responsibilities. Be fully aware of personal impact on the Company’s success. Make appropriate decisions. Committed to continuous learning.
- Carefully determine appropriate priority of required tasks. Plan work to ensure deadlines are met. Be consistently proactive and utilize available resources. Demonstrate adaptability to changing environment.
- Promote teamwork - Be a cooperative team player and regularly contribute to team goals and objectives. Demonstrate reliability in meeting team commitments. View needs of the organization and team as priority.


Knowledge and Skills:
- Advanced knowledge of the securities industry including equities and derivatives trading
- Thorough understanding of Power E*TRADE service and product offerings.
- Strong ability to build relationships—both internally and externally.
- Well informed and able to speak to the day to day happenings in the domestic markets.
- Identifies need for new skills and abilities. Is trusted as a solid resource within division. Requests assistance or appropriately pursues area of development when needed. Satisfactorily performs current job function.
- Demonstrated professionalism in a volatile business environment with minimal supervision
- Expert professional selling skills
- Demonstrated positive and professional customer focused behavior
- Computer literacy including: Internet services, Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Power Point, Microsoft Outlook
- Identify and work toward common goals with others
- Outstanding oral and written communication skills.
- Requires strong work ethic, a passion to excel, extraordinary interpersonal skills, and team-orientation

Job Prerequisites:
- Series 3, 7, 24 and 63 REQUIRED
- Series 4 preferred.
- Education or Training Equivalent to: BA/BS preferably in business administration, finance or related field
- 3 years experience in a demanding financial sales environment with proven results, including at least 2 years management experience.
- 1 year E*TRADE experience preferred

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