Saturday, May 30, 2009

Options Clerk / Junior Trader


Company Profile: We are a proprietary trading firm in the Chicago financial district looking for talented individuals to join us on our Options trading operation on the CME floor. We have experienced success with our team-based electronic trading but are looking to pioneer a floor operation. Our goal is to establish a robust floor presence in Options by developing trading methodologies that would blend tested analytics with capable traders. We are seeking individuals who can refine our strategies and software by blending together innovation and experience in a motivated team-oriented environment. Our management philosophy encourages the development of a culture that breeds creativity and independent thinking balanced with teamwork and cooperation. Rewards are based on merit and productivity. Each member of our team is given the tools that they need to have the best chance possible to be successful at our firm. Management is approachable and available for direction and/or support. Job Summary: We seek an Options clerk. Qualified candidates will have at least 6-12 months working experience at an exchange or equivalent theoretical understanding of Options. This position will utilize a strong understanding of Options and demand a candidate has excellent communication skills. Candidates who demonstrate both dedication and Options proficiency will be considered for future trading positions.


Job Requirements: • At least 1 year of Options experience • Ability to do light programming work using multi-dimensional arrays, nested loops, complex conditionals, and simple file I/O • Fluent in Excel with familiarity in VBA or .NET framework • Strong mathematical aptitude • Bachelor’s degree with solid GPA • Learns new concepts quickly • Can be trusted to use good judgment • Is honest and trustworthy • Values teamwork but can still think independently • Can communicate effectively and under pressure • Can adapt to changing situations with ease Please note that only those individuals whose qualifications match our current needs will be considered applicants and receive responses. Please ensure Options experience is clearly noted and described. Transcripts may be requested for candidates who receive further consideration. It is strongly recommended to list grade point average when submitting your resume. Contact: [Click Here to Email Your Resumé] Please submit your resume as an attachment.

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