Saturday, May 23, 2009

Equity Trader Westchester County


Parsonage Point Partners, LLC, an established equities trading firm based in Westchester County, is seeking to expand its proprietary trading division in RYE, New York. We are seeking experienced, motivated traders with proven track records.

The candidates we are seeking should have the following qualities:

• Highly competitive in all aspects of life

• Focused on achieving financial goals

• High degree of energy, concentration & attention to detail

• Strong analytical and quantitative skills

As an established proprietary trading firm we offer the following:

• Access to firm capital

• Research and custom built proprietary trading technology

• Training and development under the guidance of some of the industry’s top traders.

• Newest technology, state-of-the-art software/screening tools and an experienced support staff

• Access to both Domestic and International markets

• Competitive rates and payouts

All Traders should be Series 7 licensed, but we will sponsor qualified candidates. Initial capital contribution may be required.

Compensation will be based on profitability: No Salary


Parsonage Point Partners, LLC is an affiliate of Madison Proprietary Trading Group LLC which is a registered broker dealer and a member of the Philadelphia Stock Exchange. Day trading is risky and traders should be able to sustain losses and/or lose their capital and initial contribution in addition to negative balances sustained if any. Trading options is not suitable for all investors/traders, options are extremely risky and capital can be lost. Initial contribution, if any, affects rates, payout, and terms of operating agreement.

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