Sunday, May 17, 2009

Entry Level Trading Position / Trader Analyst

Description Company Profile: We are a small proprietary trading group that is looking for a talented individual to join us on our Trading Team. We have experienced success trading financial and index futures and cash products. Our goal has been to develop trading methodologies that would blend tested analytics with capable traders. These analytic tools and methodologies are constantly evolving as we refine our strategies and our software. We see opportunity for growth which has prompted this current search. Our management philosophy encourages the development of a culture that breeds creativity and independent thinking balanced with teamwork and cooperation. Rewards are based on merit and productivity. Traders and staff alike are given the tools that they need to have the best chance possible to be successful at our firm. Management is approachable and available for direction and/or support. Our home office is located in the heart of the financial district of Chicago. Job Summary: We seek a candidate for a Trader Assistant/Analyst position. This position will fit talented college graduates who possess innate capabilities, such as those listed below. There is no prior industry experience requirement. Training will take place on the job. This position requires someone who: • Ability to do light development in a programming language Is willing to work hard • Maintains integrity at all times • Learns new concepts quickly • Can be trusted to use good judgment • Is honest and trustworthy • Values teamwork but can still think independently • Will dig in and be self-motivated and self-directed in growing and learning • Is in tune with themselves and those around them • Strong in computer skills • Can communicate effectively and under pressure • Can adapt to changing situations with ease This is an exciting opportunity for the right individual. Opportunities to join proprietary trading firms as a trainee trader or junior trader come rarely. If you have courage and skill with math and computers why not consider an opportunity in the financial markets. Please note that only those individuals whose qualifications match our current needs will be considered applicants and receive responses. Contact: [Click Here to Email Your Resumé] If possible, please submit your resume as an attachment and include undergraduate/graduate GPA.

Requirements Job Qualifications: • Bachelor’s degree (Business of Technical studies preferable) • Ability to react fast in an electronic trading environment • Math aptitude, analytical and problem solving • Ability to do light development in a programming language using multi-dimensional arrays, nested loops, complex conditionals, and simple file I/O • Capable of maintaining focus with a strong drive for success • Ability to work on a competitive team • Mental discipline and ability to solve problems under pressure.

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