Friday, October 31, 2008

Energy Trading Desk Quant

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Must have a PHD and currently be on in the front office supporting the energy traders doing mathematical modeling.

The Quantitative Analyst will work on various projects including, but not limited to developing, enhancing, and operating a proprietary capital sufficiency model for a Credit Derivatives Product Company, optimizing its capital structure, modeling structured credit transactions, as well as analyzing the investment portfolio. Successful candidates should have a PHD degree in a quantitative and/or finance discipline; analytic experience in an investment or banking firm is a significant advantage but not required. Competitive compensation.

The teams need is more of the quantitative analysis and financial mathematics type (as opposed to programming), as well as some familiarity with derivates product company's capital structure and its optimization, and various issues surrounding corporate finance (return on equity, revenue projection, etc) and investment products. along that line also comes with the need to be able to intuitively anticipate/explain the complex model's results, and communicate in non-technical language.

PHD required in Ecomomics, Mathematics, Physics....or comparable.

Will pay top dollar to extraordinary talent.

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