Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Senior Nymex Gas Trader

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Cargill, founded in 1865, is an international provider of food, agricultural and risk management products and services. With customers spanning the globe, we provide expert advice in crops and livestock; food; health and pharmaceuticals; industrial; and financial and risk management. Cargill now employs over 160,000 people in 67 countries around the world.

Cargill is an equal opportunity employer.

Cargill's NA Gas Markets group is looking for a Senior Nymex Gas Trader.

Primary Responsibilities include:

* Manage and Trade FP Henry Hub trade book, through directional, spread and options financial trading.
* Meeting P & L goals within prescribed and acceptable risk limits.
* Obtaining market information from a variety of sources
* Working closely with Risk, Credit and Accounting groups, in addition to our physical gas and power desks
* Reconciliation of P&L and Futures
* Provide information and data flow to physical trading team.
* To provide good fixed price directional views to a team of 6-10 traders/marketers and hedge any fixed price risk generated by team as required.
* Information gathering and analysis to be shared with the rest of the group.

Principal Accountabilities:

* 65% - Develop Strategy and Positions/execute trades to generate revenue
* 30% - Communicate with the physical team on market views, direction, and send information
* 5% - Produce daily reports to highlight market moving inputs



* Bachelor's degree
* A minimum of 5 years experience trading natural gas products
* Proven track record in trading Nymex (henry Hub) Gas Products
* Attention to detail
* Excellent team working skills as well as the ability to work independently
* Risk analysis/management experience.


* Master's degree
* Strong mathematical skills
* Strong communication/persuasion skills.
* Demonstrated leadership/management skills.

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