Monday, May 26, 2008

Senior Proprietary Trader

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Responsible for trading energy commodities, options, heat rates, and energy products in various markets (MISO, PJM, NYISO) ranging from intraday through 5 years, depending on assigned book. Perform individual research, deal entry management, and monthly reconciliation. Make markets for asset optimization groups that are responsible for hedging company's nationwide generation portfolio.


$100,000 - $130,000 (plus bonus - percentage of book)



Bachelor’s Degree in Business or Technical field. Post graduate education a plus. Three years of relevant experience required with career progression to include physical scheduling and hourly, cash, and financial trading (dependent on assigned book). High level of math background preferred. Knowledge of multiple trading transaction systems helpful. Must be a disciplined trader, highly organized, and a team player willing to work with individuals across all parts of a diversified regulated/competitive energy corporation. Must be able to bring a track record of profitable trading while abiding by and managing positions within VaR, P&L variance, and stop loss limits commensurate with the authorized position size

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