Monday, May 26, 2008

Securities Trader

Apply for Job:

Assists Investment/Fund Mgrs. and Financial Consultants in supporting client accounts. Duties include: executing moderately complex client and bank security trades with security dealers, municipalities and/or corporations; establishing bid and ask prices on securities; reviewing security trading and documentation for regulatory compliance; reporting new and innovative products via market trends, new issues and current; processing trade tickets.


* Minimum Qualifications:
This position is at Nelson Capital Management in Palo Alto. We are a wholly owned subsidiary of Wells Fargo. The securities trader will be primarily responsible for executing equity and fixed income trades for client accounts. The trader works with a variety of custodians and brokerage firms to execute both large block trades as well as ongoing trading required by investment managers. A keen attention to detail and accurate trade execution are required in this position. Duties also include reviewing all security trading and completing documentation required for regulatory compliance. Ideally, the successful candidate will have the interest and aptitude to provide insights and analysis on current market conditions in fixed income and equity markets to be in a position to provide best execution as well as advice on security selection. The trader is also responsible for voting all proxies for client accounts and overseeing the proxy voting process for the firm. The position will also be involved in assisting investment managers in preparing business development materials and presentations, quarterly meetings materials as well as support Investment Managers in providing excellent client service. Nelson Capital is a small, rapidly growing investment management firm where individuals must be self-motivated and actively seek additional responsibilities and learning opportunities.
* Preferred Skills:
4 year College Degree. Skilled using Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Outlook.

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