Monday, May 26, 2008

Fixed Income Trader

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Wells Fargo's Proprietary Portfolio Group (PPG) is seeking an experienced Junior Trader to join the fixed income trading team ($15 billion AUM). This position would be responsible for handling smaller proprietary trading situations independently and assisting senior traders with larger sized or special situation trades. Other responsibilities include acting as the primary liaison with the back office, researching strategies to improve operational performance, and assisting traders in disseminating trade tickets.


* Minimum Qualifications:
Do not apply without at least one year of trading experience from a bulge bracket investment bank or a reputable hedge fund or money manager. BA/BS in Business, Finance or Economics with academic distinction from a top tier institution.
Strong interest in financial markets and securities analysis.
Strong desire to work in fixed income asset management in San Francisco.
* Preferred Skills:
CFA credentials

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