Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Proprietary Equity Trader

Apply for Job at ECHOTrade

ECHOtrade, LLC has specialized in the electronic trading of equities since 1996. ECHOtrade has several state of the art facilities located across the United States, including Boca Raton, FL. We focus on superior communication, systematic organization, consistency, and discipline to expand your trading career.

Licensed trainees will work directly with our Senior Trader within a mentorship program, learning innovative trading approaches. Trainees will be taught proprietary methodologies and strategies with continuous feedback from our seasoned staff. Our hands-on approach to train new traders is distinctive from other firms within the trading community.

ECHOtrade, LLC is seeking ambitious individuals with an entrepreneurial spirit who have a firm grasp of market principles as it relates to domestic equities. A Series 7 is required; prior trading experience and Series 7 is a plus, but ECHOtrade, LLC will sponsor new traders for the Series 7 examination requirement. Individuals of all talent levels are encouraged to explore the advantages of developing a trading relationship with ECHOtrade, LLC.

There is no salary provided by ECHOtrade, LLC and all traders are required to make a minimum capital contribution to their account. Please inquire about our competitive payout and cost structure.
ECHOtrade does not solicit customers or retail accounts. Professional equities and options trading are risky and are not for everybody; see website for full risk disclosure: http://www.echotradeonline.com/risk-disclosures.php

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