Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Emerging Markets Local Markets Hybrid Trader, $500K+

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A successful Americas IR/FX Hybrids and Exotics Trading Desk is seeking a Hybrids Trader ideally with 1-2 years experience in exotic options ideally with an Emerging Markets focus.

Desk is looking for an Exotics IR/FX trader from associate to director level with strong technical background.

The role will involve trading products such as multi FX basket options, dual / triple range accruals on IR/FX/Equity index, IR.FX.Commodity hybrids, FX/FX & IR/FX correlation swaps etc.

The team is looking for traders with strong track records in IR/FX exotic trading as well as other hybrid exotic traders with a background from other asset classes.

The bank is looking for a trader who can not only deliver immediate value but also help develop the business going forwards.

Outstanding salary package and career development opportunity for extremly strong candidate.

Please contact Lars Gloessner 212-707-8220 for additional information.

Strong Americas IR/FX Hybrids and Exotics Trading desk is seeking a Hybrids Trader with 3-7 years experience developing cutting edge products and pushing into new market segments.



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