Saturday, November 3, 2007

Senior Trader

Apply for job with Driehaus Securities

From our landmark headquarters in Chicago, Driehaus Capital Management LLC provides investment management services to institutional clients, high net worth individuals and mutual fund investors. Currently, we manage $5 billion in assets spread between institutional portfolios, separately managed accounts and mutual funds. We specialize in domestic and international equity investing, using an aggressive growth style, with the objective of capital appreciation.

Our affiliated registered broker dealer, Driehaus Securities LLC, is seeking a Senior Trader to execute international equity securities trades for the Canadian/Latin American markets. Primary responsibilities include:

•Provide portfolio managers with ongoing information about market sentiment, trading environment, trading volume, and price volatility.
•Determine the overall reasonableness of brokerage commissions and other transaction costs taking into account such factors as market condition, size and timing of the order, depth of the market, per share price, difficulty of execution, financial responsibility and broker commitment.
•Assist the Director of Trading in the processes of hiring, training, motivating and developing departmental staff members.
•Provide back up coverage for international and domestic trading, to include occasional overnight shifts.
•Evaluate market opportunities, considering broker confidence, liquidity options, and technical aspects of market and stock movements. Execute trade orders in accordance with evaluations.
•Originate 50 to 100 trade tickets daily and operates NASDAQ system to report trade activity.
•Monitor national, regional, and sector markets to identify trends and events that may impact stock evaluation, portfolio management, and equity trading outcomes.
•Initiate, maintain, and cultivate professional relationships with outside investment brokers and other resources to enhance market intelligence and identify investment and trading opportunities.
•Monitor and evaluate the performance and execution capabilities of brokers to ensure that clients consistently receive executions of superior quality.

The ideal candidate will have prior equity trading experience on the buy and/or sell side, comprehensive knowledge of trading operations, products and services, and company investment philosophy. This position assumes a detailed knowledge of markets, macroeconomics, statistical and economic research techniques, broker relations, and company operations and functions as they relate to trading operations. NASD licenses 7 and 55 required.

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