Monday, October 22, 2007

Quant Traders

Apply for job witht Mark Lewis Inc

We offer some of the finest Quantitative roles in the Hedge Fund, Investment (Banking and Alternative) as well as Trading roles - please conact us if you do not see what you are seeking as we do not have ALL our roles currently posted.

Quant Analysts and Portfolio Managers / Quantitative Traders / Program Traders!!

These positions are for those with PhD's from the top schools in the land. You will have 1+ year of work experience through 10+ years experience.

We are seeking those with strategies that are looking for a new home to implement and profit from their years of hard work.

We are particularly interested in the following: Extensive Agency / Principal Trading experience.

Must have experience with automated execution algorithms such as vwap etc

Convertible Bond Arbitrage Equities (Japanese is a plus!)
Credit Derivatives
Interest Rate
Index Volatility
Statistical Arbitrage
High Frequency Trading

Primary Responsibilities

Program Trader
Quantitative Analyst
Portfolio Manager
Trading Strategist
Systematic Trading
Job Qualifications

5+ Years Experience
PhD Level from Ivy League
Hedge Fund / Investment Banking experience
NYC CT Chicago Locations
30MM Revenue generation

100% discretion assured!

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